Mother’s Day is …

Mother’s Day is your spouse promising you that you’ll get to sleep in, but as soon as your kids rush into your room with hugs and cards made of Crayons and glitter, you forget all about that whole ‘sleep’ thing and just ask for coffee (and more hugs).

Mother’s Day is thinking that all you could possibly want is a spa day, but as soon as you’re de-robed and drinking cucumber-infused iced water, all you can think about is ‘I wonder what the kids are doing right now …’.

Mother’s Day is squeezing your bum into a tiny daycare chair, forcing down dry muffins, and watching your 3 year old throw a fit when he decides that he wants to keep the gift that he made you in school.

Mother’s Day is still laundry, and dirty dishes, and bath time, and potty-training.

Mother’s Day is a bouquet of dandelions picked from the back yard because he ‘couldn’t think of anything else to get you’.

Mother’s Day is canceling the special dinner out that was planned and breaking out the chicken nuggets because the toddler didn’t have a nap this afternoon and there is no way on earth you’re going to subject other people to that nonsense.

Mother’s Day is looking at these humans you created and remembering when all they could do is lie on your chest and yawn … and now that they’re tearing around the living room like banshees, wondering what they’ll look like in five more years.


Mother’s Day is thinking about all of this, and then realizing your mom went through it all as well — and then realizing that all you want in the world for Mother’s Day, is to hug your own mom and tell her, ‘Thank you’.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there — the new, the old, the tired, the stressed … the lucky.


  1. Kass Kaplan says

    Love this! except the second to last line. I want to shake mine and scream at her ” what is wrong with you!? see what you are missing?!” Though I will cherish every second with my littles even when I want to rip my hair out because they are worth it and always will be.

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