Manic Monday x 2

I totally slacked last week on doing the Instagram photo dump thing. So this week? Double your pleasure, double your fun! (‘that’s the statement of a great mint with Doublemint gum!’ … wow, I need to get out more).

Picnik collagePicnik collage

The Mouse has had a crazy couple of weeks. Between Legoland, and trips to the ER, birthday parties, the rodeo … the kid has been all over the place. His arm is feeling a lot better, but if he gets too active it starts to get sore on him again (which the doctor told us to expect since he had a light sprain). Other than that, he’s been a typical almost-four-year-old (sigh).

Picnik collagePicnik collage

The Froggy continues to be wayyyyy too big for my taste. We’ve *just* about got him weaned off formula (WOOHOO!), and he’s down to 3-4 bottles a day now because he’s eating so much table food. I honestly can’t believe he’s not walking yet … but he gets around so effing fast on his hands and knees, I mean whatever works dude.

I can not believe that he will be a whole year old in like three weeks. I’m freaking out over it a little bit. My baby … my last baby, won’t be a baby anymore. I’m seriously tearing up a little bit just thinking about it.

Picnik collagePicnik collage

Other random goings on?

We got a spiffy new ottoman, and I’m pretty excited that we’ve had it for 2 weeks and we haven’t spilled anything on it yet. Although we did Scotch Guard that thing like a mofo …

I’ve decided that any veg drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with salt, and baked on 350* for about 30 min is DIVINE. Broccoli comes out tasting like potato chips. Sweartogawd.

The consignment sale purging has begun. I have 116 items (well, 116 TAGS … some tags are for multiple items) ready to go for the sale here in a few weeks. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE.

There was also a super first birthday party hosted by one of my fav people, Jill from @babyrabies. We kicked ass at the photo booth.

Picnik collage

And if it’s the last weekend in January? That means it’s rodeo time! The Ft Worth Stock Show and Rodeo is going on, and this is the first year we’ve taken the Mouse where I didn’t want to pull my hair out 17 minutes into it. We rode some rides, we saw some animals, we watched some cowboys ride some bulls!

That’s it folks. I really like doing these posts … but once Picnik goes away here in a few months I have no idea how I’m going to be able to put them together anymore. Their collage system is so damn easy right now since it direct connects to Flickr. DAMN YOU GOOGLE +!!!


  1. says

    AHHH!!! consignment time… I will say that I am a bit ahead of myself this time around since I now know what i am doing. I have 97% of my stuff uploaded and the tags all printed out. I just have to go through all the shoes, but I have almost 200 tags. God I can’t wait until I finally only have 1 year of clothing to tag and sell.

  2. says

    Loving all your rodeo photos! My hubby was stationed in Oklahoma for 3 years and we loved the midwest. We miss the State Fair, cowboy boots and friendly people! I have to try broccoli like that. It sounds yum!

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