Manic Monday – er, Friday

I have to say, last weekend was by far a record-breaking short weekend, but this week was also a record-breaking fast week. I can’t believe how fast time is flying by these days, and can only assume it’s because the weather is gorgeous. We have about one more month of this *perfect* weather before all Hell breaks loose {literally} on Texas. Here in the Tottums household we’re trying to take advantage of this most beautiful month of the year by keeping ourselves outside at every.moment.possible.

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it, right?

PHOTOS! And yes, these are photos from LAST week. You’ll get another helping on Monday. You’re welcome in advance!

Picnik collage

Every day, I marvel at how big the Mouse is. This week I dropped off his application for REAL pre-school through our local school district {lottery drawing next week – cross your fingers for us!}. We got got the phone call that his swingset for the backyard will be delivered next week. He informed me that he was almost four years old, and too big to use a sippy cup anymore. With every passing moment, I wonder how it is that the tiny squeaking little mouse I gave birth too has grown into this … kid. It makes my heart happy, and hurts at the same time.

Picnik collage

The Froggy … is walking. No really, like WALKING. I mean, it’s not graceful, it’s not efficient … but it is on two legs and gets him from point A to point B. He is so stinking cute … and yesterday, the husband and I picked both boys up from the little daycare at our gym and the girl who handed him to us said, ‘He is by far my favorite! He’s such a sweet little kid!’ {heart = melt} I know she probably says stuff like that to all the parents, but it still made me a proud mama. Oh, and yes … awesome temps outside mean I can officially break out the one-piece rompers for the Summer. {squeeee!}

Picnik collage

It was a whirlwind week and weekend … the downside to having so much fun packed into a weekend is that it FLIES by. Also, I’ve decided that I probably need to host one event at my house every month, that way my house gets at least one good cleaning a month, lol. Sunday night? I did NOT want to let my children {or my husband for that matter} back into my pristine home. It was so pretty. And now? Yeah, not so much. That being said, I don’t have a bunch of plans this weekend coming up so I should be able to get things into order. Hopefully.

We’re all on Instagram, right? If not – DO EEEEET. I hear it’s coming soon to Droid too – woot!

Coming next week … another super awesome recipe, a post about the mammoth swingset purchase, and hopefully a super excited Tottums when her little dude gets a spot in the pre-school program we’ve been coveting! Have a great weekend everyone!


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