Manic Monday

So today is Monday … which means my Super Bowl weekend is over. Boo. BUT – it was crazy fun … there was a girl’s night out, my bi-annual consignment sale shopping spree, and I got my Mouse back.

Life is good.

Picnik collage

The Mouse had a blast at his grandparent’s house last week. However – he and my parents BOTH were worn completely out by the end of it. My mom literally lost 3 pounds from chasing him around so much. No really, she actually lost 3 whole pounds. LOL. He went to Sea World, he went to the children’s theater, they went to parks … and yes, he played in the water a lot {brrrrr}. He was glad to be home though, and we’re glad he’s back. Missed this little dude SO much!

Picnik collage

The Froggy is feeling better {thank GAWD}. And thank YOU to all of you who left teething help ideas for me last week … love y’all! He has one tooth that’s finally breaking through up top, and hopefully another one about to come through as well. He is changing SO much SO fast these days. He has 4 or 5 words now {mama, dog, hi, milk …} which is about 4 more than the Mouse had at this age. He’s still not really walking yet … although he will take 3-4 steps by himself, and then plop down because he gets scared. It won’t be much longer, but I would have bet real money that he would have up be up running around by 11 months, lol.

Picnik collagePicnik collage

It was a good week for the mama too. Spring is totally here. Bluebonnets are bloomin’. I broke out the capris and flip flops last week. We ordered the swingset for the boys {I might not survive the installation – blog post to come}. While I did miss the Mouse, I had a fabulous week spending some good quality one on one time with the Froggy and really did enjoy the peace and quiet that comes with only having one {mute} child at home. I also had an awesome girls night out that involved tacos, beer and frozen yogurt. Oh, and a somewhat buzzed run to Target to look for cute flip flops {which we did not find – boo}. Oh and yeah, there was that huge consignment sale too … almost forgot about that – not {blog post to follow tomorrow!}.

So. Spring.

Has it reached you yet? If so, are you Spring cleaning? And if so, would you be willing to do mine? {nods enthusiastically}


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    I absolutely LOATH spring cleaning, but once I do it, I feel SO MUCH BETTER. I just need the motivation to get it done! I kinda started doing it on spring break, but then I realized that shopping was more important. LOL! Maybe I’ll get to it this weekend. I really really really need to clean out my closets and donate old clothes!!!!!

    Have a great Monday!


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