Manic Monday

So did we all survive ‘springing forward’ this weekend?

Yeah, I know. It sucked. BIG TIME. For the life of me, I don’t know why we had to do that on a damn weekend. I would have much preferred to lose an hour of my MONDAY. Whoever makes these decisions, really ought to run them by me first.

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The Mouse left on Friday for my parent’s house down in San Antonio … it’s been SO quiet around here without him. Like, eerily quiet. But we made it through a stomach bug, and him saying goodbye … and then I went out this past weekend with my husband’s grandmother to pick out Easter clothes for the boys. Every year, she buys all of the great-grandkids Easter outfits – she’s awesome like that. I’ll do a post soon about exactly what we picked out.

Picnik collage

The Froggy is teething. It seems like he’s been teething FOREVER {he only has his front bottom teeth in at this point}, but it’s been really bad this past week. I feel so bad for him – but OMG he’s about ready to do me in. I keep telling myself ‘the Mouse went through this too … it will get better, he’ll be back to normal soon’. Mostly, I just want him to feel better, poor little guy.

Picnik collage

The week was rough for me, I’m not going to lie. A crazy fussy baby, saying goodbye to my little man, finding a snake in my living room … yeah. A SNAKE IN MY LIVING ROOM. Sitting there, in the middle of the floor, like he owned the place and was thinking, ‘What? This is MY HOUSE B*TCH.’ Yeah, he got scooped up and thrown out over the back fence. The highlight of my weekend? Nap time with my copy of People magazine’s Hunger Games special. Oh, and Nutella. Always, Nutella.

So. Ideas for a teething baby? We’ve done Motrin, cold teethers, alcohol … {for me, duh}. What do you guys think?


  1. says

    I still say that snake is kind of adorable. Look how yiddle bitty it is! Cannon is teething right now but it’s just the front teeth so they’re not as painful as the bigger teeth. Have you tried Hyland’s teething tablets? I have been using those in conjunction with infant pain reliever and I guess it is helping. He doesn’t cry but just drools and chomps on everything in sight. Poor Froggy!

  2. says

    OMG a SNAKE in your living room? I would have grabbed the kids and ran screaming out of the house. You are WAY braver than me. Oh and can I just say how excited I am for Hunger Games? I’m counting down the days.

  3. says

    I second the Hylands teething tablets. I had a friend recommend them and they have been a huge help for my almost 8 month old. They seem to take the edge off so he can go to sleep.

  4. Melanie says

    Oh….teething can just be so rough. I swear by Motrin and extra time spent outside. Seems like being outside is a great distraction to the pain and helps wear them out to take better naps and sleep better at night too. I think this is why my boys have both taken longer naps when teething! It’s really all that works around here. My 1 year old (just turned 1) has 8 teeth….and it has not been as bad as my older son’s teething. He briefly enjoyed a vibrating teether, but really didn’t last long. I think he’s working on 1 year old molars now and I so am not looking forward to it….those suckers take forever!

    Good luck! And I love reading your blog because our kiddos are nearly exactly the same age. I have an early March baby boy who just turned 1 and an early June boy who will be 4. Boys are such an adventure!

  5. says

    ditto Stephanie on the amber teething necklace!!! My son was totally fine with teething and the first 8 teeth. We wouldn’t even know he was teething until the tooth actually popped through the gum!! But the molars have been a killer, so a friend of mine gave me the amber teething necklace and it has helped SO much. He wears it all day, and then we loop it around his ankle at night to sleep. I don’t really know how it works, but it definitely has helped for him!! Inspired by Finn is supposedly the best, that is where ours is from. This is their facebook page!

  6. says

    It will take me every bit of a week to adjust to losing that one hour of sleep.


    Shut up, shut up, shut up. I would have completely died. On the spot. And to think I have called my dad to come and “save me” when I had a big fat red wasp hovering in my place one weekend.

    I know. I’ll be the first to admit I’m a wuss. I know.

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