Manic Monday

The weirdest thing about this past week was that I loved it.

Because, you know … when you’re suffering from a Texas-sized sinus infection you’re not supposed to enjoy yourself. Right?

You know what though? Spring has SPRUNG here in North Texas. And now that I’ve typed that out, it’ll probably snow next week {and ruin the bluebonnets in the process} … GAH. Oh well. It’s been in the high 60s – high 70s for the past week. Sunny, breezy … LOVING IT. I am SUPER excited to get the boys birthday present ordered and put together in the backyard for them to enjoy soon {yes, we’re buying a swingset … yes, there will be a post about it!}. Oh and yes, BLUEBONNET photos! I’m super stoked for bluebonnet pictures with my two sweet boys this year!

Moving on. PHOTOS!

Picnik collage

The Mouse is so good. I mean, he really is a typical almost-four-year-old in that he is CRAZY bipolar on the best of days … but really? He is such a good kid. Right now he loves pushing the Froggy in his swing, and he gets SO excited when the Froggy stands up {we’re all waiting with baited breath from him to actually start taking STEPS too, lol} … I just love this kid. He’s leaving this Friday to go down to hang with my parents during Spring Break though, which means NINE days away from home. I have NO idea what I’m going to do with myself next week, while only having to take care of the one kiddo.

Picnik collage

And this little man? This little dude is rocking the crazy clingy phase right now. I’m not sure if it’s teeth, or what … I remember the Mouse going through these phases too … but jeeze, I can’t walk 5 feet away from him without there being a full on FIT involved. The Ergo has gotten lots of use lately. And yes, overalls are THE cutest thing about little boys!

Picnik collage

And I took full advantage of this beautiful weather we had last week and rocked some of the new wardrobe. Windows down, sunglasses on, feeling good in my new duds … life is good. And now? Now mommy has to save up some money and go shopping for some new unmentionables. Because damn if these old bras from before the Froggy don’t fit me anymore. I never thought I would see the day that I was anything but a B cup … but ladies? I think it’s happened. Too bad it’s mostly stretch and no substance. ::sigh::

Anybody else? Or is that just me?

Just me?



  1. says

    Those overalls are Adorable! Wow 9 days without your little frog. That will seem fun, easy and sad all at the same time huh? Even when I bring just one of the boys shopping I wonder, “How did I ever complain that parenting is hard when I had one kid?” Funny how quickly your perspective changes when you have two kids.

  2. says

    LOVE the overalls picture. I love putting my son in overalls, he totally rocks them!! So flipping cute. And my son is also going through a clingy phase!! Once he learns how to say “up” I think we will hear it constantly for a while!

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