Manic Monday

So here it is, another Monday. My first Monday with a 3 year old and a 1 year old.


It was a crazy week, and an even crazier weekend … but it was SO much fun. Photos? Oh yes. There were photos.

Picnik collage

I was kind of worried about how the Mouse would do this weekend while the Froggy had all the attention directed at him. I’m proud to say he did SO well. He was really good about letting the Froggy have the spotlight, and is all kinds of excited that his baby brother is now a ‘big boy’, lol. Love this kid.

Picnik collage

The birthday boy is one whole year old now. His party was a success {more on that tomorrow!} and thanks to all of our family that came out to celebrate with us he now has more clothes than I do and a new library too! It’s also been decided that the kid is now saying 2 words: ‘mama’ and ‘doggie’ {although ‘doggie’ sounds more like ‘doe-ug-doe-ug’}. So proud!

Picnik collage

Tottums was crazy busy … but it was all worth it. I’d like to direct your attention to the far right photo and my kid’s crazy bed head, lol. Just because it’s your birthday morning, doesn’t mean your hair automatically cooperates! Also, check out the new duds in the first photo. Momma went shopping on Sunday afternoon. And I do mean SHOPPING. I was WAY overdue for some new clothes.

Picnik collage

And a sneak peek at the party … and yes, I made that froggy smash cake. I’m awesome like that. More to come tomorrow!

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