Manic Monday!

It’s amazing the difference one relaxing weekend will have on my stress level. Two weekends ago I was running around like a chicken with her head chopped off, but this weekend … we were all chill. I had absolutely nothing planned. The Mouse stayed over night at his great-grandmother’s house on Friday night … so most of Saturday was super laid back. I did laundry, we saw some family, we did some grocery shopping … and that about sums it up.

Picnik collage

The Mouse is eating us out of house and home. And no, I am not exaggerating. I can not even fathom the amount of food I’m going to have to keep on hand when he’s a teenager. All I can say is thank God he likes fruit and veggies and that produce {well, most produce} is cheap. The dude went through 4 apples, an entire cantaloupe and half a pineapple in less than 24 hours. Yeah.

Picnik collage

With the Mouse gone Friday night and most of Saturday, it was nice to get some one on one time with the Froggy. Little man is walking! Other new fun stuff? He’s clapping and pointing now too! He’s attempting to say TONS of words … he’s a very good mimic! Pretty soon, he’s going to be chasing the Mouse all over the house … which kind of makes me cry a little bit inside, thinking of the even bigger messes they will create, lol.

Picnik collage

It’s so freaking gorgeous here right now. If you go back and read my posts from the last 3 Aprils … you’ll find that I always say the same thing: all Texans should have the month of April off work {paid, of course}. It’s the prettiest month of the year, everything is still green, it’s not 2000 degrees outside … I hate to spend even 2 minutes of it cooped up in an office. It’s a good time for pink lipstick, and flip flops and the windows down in the car. I am, however, more than a little concerned that yesterday was April 1st and we’re already hitting 90*. This does not bode well for say, the middle of May.

Happy Spring, y’all!


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