Eleven Things.

So there I was, walking into work this morning, and all I could think about was: I have to blog tonight. I have nothing to blog about tonight. I have to blog tonight. And then an hour or so later, I was checking Facebook on my phone {shhh, don’t tell my boss, lol} and saw that the wonderfully amazing Ashley of The Stauffer’s Shenanigans had tagged me in a blog poll of sorts.

Score. Now I don’t have to sit here and stare at my blank screen for a good 45 minutes before I pull something randomly obnoxious out of my derriere for my blog tonight! So now I’m supposed to tell you some random facts about me, and then answer some questions posed to me by Ashley, and then I ‘tag’ some more bloggers that you might like to check out. This all feels so wonderfully 5th grade slam book. I’m in!

Rules, RULES!

1. post these rules.

2. post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.

3. answer the questions set for you in the original post.

4. create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.

5. go to their blog/twitter and tell them that you’ve tagged them.

Random crap about Tottums …

1. I can’t leave my house without mascara. Ever. As in, I could be bleeding out my ears, with 4 day old hair and a rare skin disease covering 99% of my body and I promise you, I will still apply mascara.

2. I talk a big game about my damn pug and how annoying he is, but for about 5 minutes yesterday I thought he had gotten out of the house and was missing and I about lost it. I ran up and down my street yelling his name and checking all the gutters for pug carcasses until I came inside crying. I went to the bathroom to get a tissue and found him locked inside, eating a nasty ass peed-in diaper. He got extra treats that night.

3. My favorite color is green.

4. I get really mad at myself because I feel like I do a lot of things ‘adequately well’, but nothing extremely well. Photography, blogging, sketching, swimming, organizing, parenting … it’s all kind of, ‘meh’. I wish I was really good at one thing in particular.

5. I have a countdown calendar up for out local consignment sale this month. Yes, I am THAT excited about it.

6. I really really really REALLY love the show West Wing. I really want to buy the whole DVD set, but I’m also really really cheap.

7. As I sit here in my dining room, typing this out, I’m realizing that I’m a serious slob. And lazy. I really need to get up off my ass more and take care of shitz around this house.

8. One of these days, when my husband and I win the lottery, we’re going to move down to the hill country of Texas. Buy a house on a lake, and watch the sun set over the Mesquite trees. It’ll be magical.

9. I love my husband with all my heart. I have no idea how I would make it through life without him.

10. One time, in college, I super-glued my flipflop to my hand. In the middle of the Student Union. And no, it was not on purpose. But that story is an entirely separate blog post.

11. Sometimes I get bored in my car and I sing Andrew Lloyd Weber musicals from start to finish. Without anything playing on the stereo. Just for funsies. Gawd, I’m a nerd.

Questions from Ashley!

1. Salty or sweet, which is your snack vice? Um, salty. Definitely. Popcorn is like my crack. Or chips. Oh lawd, chips. Which is why I don’t usually keep them in my house … much to the dismay of my Mouse.

2. Why did you start blogging? I started blogging because I’m an attention whore. And also because I’ve always kept a journal. I got my first diary when I was in 1st grade … and still have it I think. And when it comes down to it, that’s what this is … a journal. Which thousands of people read a month, lol.

3. Who’s on your laminated card? I’m so glad you asked! Matt Damon, Ryan Reynolds, Eminem, Josh Hamilton and Miles Austin. *swoon

4. What’s your favorite piece of jewlery? The easy answer would be my wedding ring, lol. But I’m going to have to go with my emerald ring, which my dad got me as a college graduation gift.

5. What movie can you recite all the lines of? I wish I could say my FAVORITE movie {which is the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, extended editions, and YES, I consider them one movie}, but instead I have say: Dogma, The Emperor’s New Groove and A Few Good Men. YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

6. Favorite childhood memory? Ugh, that’s so hard! I have a lot of really good memories growing up … but I have to say the one that sticks out in my head right this very moment is when my dad took me to see the Rangers play the Red Sox in Boston. We lived in Rhode Island, and he drove me down to Boston, just the two of us. We both took our gloves, and I’m pretty sure we were the only Rangers fan in the whole place, lol. Good times.

7. Where did you last vacation at? Last REAL vacation was on Marco Island, on the gulf. It was amazing.

8. What blog makes you smile when you read it? Lately, I’m really digging ohdeardrea. I don’t know what it is about this chick, but I dig her. I love her ‘things on toast’ posts. So cool.

9. Last concert you went to? Zac Brown Band. AHmazing.

10. Favorite comfort meal? Pasta. Anything pasta.

11. What word/phrase annoys the bejesus out of you? ‘YEAH BAYBEE, YEAH!’ {think Austin Powers} … because the Mouse has taken to saying it. Thanks Uncle Karl.

Questions for the Tag-ees …

1. What is your most favorite place on Earth?
2. If you woke up with an extra $10,000 tomorrow, what’s the first thing you would buy? {and DON’T say ‘pay off debt’. LAME.}
3. Facebook, or Twitter?
4. What’s your favorite book?
5. If you could go back and do one thing differently THIS WEEK, what would it be?
6. What’s one thing you wish you knew how to do really well?
7. Iced tea: sweet or unsweet?
8. If you were stranded on a deserted island tomorrow, who would you want to be stranded with? {ONE person only!}
9. Have you, or have you not, ever thought about ordering a pair of pajama jeans? {no lying!!}
10. What do you love/hate about blogging?
11. How do you know me?

Tottums is tagging: Katie, Jamie, Caroline, Becca and Amie. BOOM.


  1. says

    oooooh, ryan reynolds. definitely an honorary member of my laminated card. and bwahaha at random fact numero uno. “i’m hemorrhaging? the real problem here is MY LASHES ARE TRANSPARENT!”

  2. Danyiel J says

    Thank you very much for sucking up most of my “free” time today, I have been reading Ohdeardrea all.day.long. I started reading early today and I still have 3 tabs open with posts I want to read, but I really should go to bed. I read your blog first thing in the morning so I kid you not when I say I have been reading her posts all throughout the day.

    She is beautiful and her talent…crazy, and little Marlowe is so sweet.

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