Pumpkin Patch 2012

And now … because I am ungodly sick, and have no energy for ‘real’ writing … I give you the obligatory pumpkin patch photo post. You’re welcome in advance for me not breathing on you.





The Mouse insisted that we do the corn maze again this year … he only got a little scared half-way through. Hand-holding helped though.



I’m pretty damn proud of these next two photos. They’re both straight out of the camera … I took a million of them, and these were the closest to ‘perfect’ that I got in the weird dusky/overcast lighting.



Happy Fall, Y’all!

Pumpkin Patch 2012

I keep seeing all of these wonderful blog posts with photos of kids at pumpkin patches. Kid’s are bundled up in cute jackets and hats, sipping cider, snapping pumpkins off their vines in the middle of a field …

Yeahhh … that’s not how pumpkin patches work in Texas.

To start with, it’s 80-something degrees here. So cute Fall clothes are OUT. We’re chugging water and munching on kettle corn popcorn. Oh, and our pumpkins are brought in by a big truck and placed strategically around a field in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Picnik collage
But it’s still really fun!

We don’t have red and orange and yellow trees … or cool, crisp weather, or hot chocolate or apple cider … but we sure do have a lot of sunshine :)

Picture 2522

Picture 2337

Picnik collage

… and while the Mouse was running around like a madman, the Froggy was in awe of his first pumpkin experience, and a little upset by the bright sun, lol.

Picnik collage

Picnik collage

We did try out the corn maze this year … and found ti quite a bit more challenging than we had anticipated. The Mouse got quite concerned when we kept hitting dead ends, lol.

Picnik collage

Picture 2576
The Froggy, however, decided to take a nap.

It was such a nice family evening … even though we didn’t have ‘perfect’ Fall weather or leaves, we still had a perfect evening together with our boys.

Picture 2583

If you don’t have cooler weather where you live right now … how do you get into the Fall spirit?