Weekend Wonderings v.16

1. I did 3 loads of dishes in our new dishwasher on Sunday alone. Which gives you an idea of how many I did last week …

2. The next time I feel like challenging myself as a parent, I’m going to take both of the boys to Party City and only buy ONE balloon. Ugh.

3. Every night, I am exhausted by 745pm, and usually end up in bed by 830pm. When did I get so old? I am 31 freaking years old, not 63.

4. The husband was gone for 3 nights last week – and OMG I am glad he’s back. Right now, he’s got both the boys in a pile on our bed and I can hear growls and belly laughs from across the house. It’s quiet in the dining room. Life is good.

5. Aaaaaaaaand then the Froggy decided to take a running leap off the end of the bed. Goose eggs are awesome, yo. ::sigh::

6. As it’s now practically the middle of February, I’m over Valentine’s Day and have started my Easter 2012 Pinterest board. And a Summer vacation board. I need an intervention.

7. I know that the inventor of those race car/cart things at the grocery store created them with the best of intentions … but OMFG I hate them so. I would prefer to be able to keep my kids as far apart from each other as possible, while shopping. Not shove them together and hope for the best.

8. I made some pretty kick-ass recipe Pins this weekend. Super easy mini-chicken pot pies: these were good, and bonus points for being amazingly easy to throw together. Totally yummy chocolate-chip angel food cake … except I wouldn’t actually call it ‘making’ this, because I just bought a mix and threw some chips on top, lol.

9. By far though, my favorite was a ‘Mississippi roast’ in the crock pot. The Mouse had three helpings all by himself … it was that good. It will definitely go into my recipe box.

10. While the terrible twos are in full swing for the Froggy, he also has never been more cuddly than he is these days. The bipolar craziness has begun.



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Weekend Wonderings V.15

As I’m sitting down to put this post together I’m realizing something important: I’m not taking as many Instagram/iPhone photos as I used to. I attribute this to wanting to take BETTER iPhone photos, and so I’m using another app to take the photos, and then telling myself ‘I’ll edit and then upload to Instagram later’.

So. I guess we all know how that plan is working out for me. I need to make sure I remember the rule ‘the best camera is the one you actually have with you, or, the one you will actually use’. Using the camera within Instagram is not the worst thing in the world – especially if it means those photos will actually get seen and uploaded to Flickr. Going forward I’m going allow myself to do both – and know that a sub-par photo is better than no photo at all.

Moving on.



Last weekend the Mouse and I headed to the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo. MIL is wonderful and takes us every year – but we’ve learned that the husband doesn’t do well with crowds {or, with small children who are antsy and confined to an arena seat}, so he and the Froggy skipped the event this year. The Mouse and I had a blast though – we saw all the animals, had a pony ride {okay, HE had a pony ride}, and then Nana and Papa bought him his very first pair of cowboy boots. Dude was in Heaven.


I’ve been up to all kinds of things this week. Work is going to be insane during February – which is {unfortunately} transferring over to the home-life as well. On top of that, it’s consignment sale season, the Froggy’s birthday, and I’m in Spring cleaning mode. Clean ALL THE THINGS. Renovate ALL THE HOUSE. Purge ALL THE TOYS. There aren’t enough hours in the day/week/month, folks. I’m having a major ‘my house has been decorated like this since college’ moment – and it’s making me twitch. Teaser – my first project is going to be a laundry room renovation project. Because the state of clutter in there is BAD, yo.

Anyone else going through the Spring Cleaning blues? What are you tackling?

Weekend Wonderings V.13

I’ve been totally awful about keeping up with this weekly post, but to be fair, I’ve been kind of awful with keeping up with taking oodles of Instagram photos as well. So … it all works out. I’m mixing the format up a little bit this week too – I make the rules here, which is awesome … for me.



Let’s back up a few weeks, shall we? Thanksgiving this year was amazing. First (and I don’t know how this happened) and foremost, everyone was healthy (YAY!) … it seems like every year SOMEONE is sick during the holidays; last year it was me. Also? We had such amazing weather, and a wonderful time with family. There was turkey, there was wine, there was my MIL’s amazing squash casserole … it just doesn’t get much better.


I went out on a date with one of my college roommates on Thanksgiving weekend as well. She’s terribly posh and actually lives IN Dallas (not in one of the 842375402844505 million cities that makes up the DFW Metroplex, like me) … she has a rock star husband, and a modern appt, … and I have children. Soooo … we don’t see each other all that much. What I love about Momo (Monique, to all of you who don’t call her by her nickname) is that we might not have hung out for over a year – but she’s still the same awesome. We were ‘pot-lucked’ together in our Freshman dorm, and stuck together for the next five years (yes, it took us a while to graduate, lol). So we saw some art at the DMA, we ate some awesome tacos, she took me to a swanky bar with a kickass view of downtown. Great day.


Between then and now, the Tottums household has been getting ready for Christmas. This year I actually feel READY for Christmas … and I have no idea how. But the decorations and tree are up, the Christmas cards have been sent, (almost) all the presents have been bought. I am ON IT this year, y’all. Also? I kind of love our tree this year. And we only broke two ornaments getting it decorated – SCORE!


Other random goings on? The Mouse (finally) had his first dental appt … and I am proud to say NO CAVITIES. With the way this kid drank milk as a toddler, I was horrified about what the dentist might find in the crevices of his teeth. Also – the Froggy and Mouse’s great-great grandmother turned 95 last week. How cool is that? I love that my kids are blessed with such an amazing amount of family (just as I and the husband are). Definitely something to be thankful for.

That’s it for now folks … have a great Monday!

Weekend Wonderings v.12

1. I thought the Mouse had this whole week off, only to find out this morning {after he was dropped off with family} that school actually IS in session today and tomorrow. MOTY, y’all.
2. I learned the hard way that there is no way the Froggy will make it through a day without a decent nap. I won’t go down that road again for a looooong time.
3. Totally in love with these crocheted snowflakes. I’m thinking hung from the ceiling in front of my kitchen window would be cute for the holidays.
4. 3 day work week, Tottums. You CAN do this.
5. The Mouse stayed up with me last night to watch ‘Sofia the First’ … about 5 minutes in, he leaned over our popcorn and said, ‘Mom, I heard that Cinderella is going to be in this movie!’ – OMG. I die of cute.
6. I’ve come to the conclusion that not buying junk food for the house is not necessarily a positive thing. At 945pm, Mommy needs some damn Cheetos {or the likes}. And when she doesn’t have anything? She ends up eating a second dinner. No bueno.
7. I can hardly contain myself with the Christmas excitement. I can’t wait to dive into the attic next weekend and pull everything out – this year is going to be SO MUCH FUN with the boys at the ages they’re at!
8. I’m already planning our Summer 2013 beach vaca too. Because that’s how I roll.
9. I also miiiiight already be thinking about a Disney World trip for 2015. I know, I need help.
10. Gooble ’till you wobble, y’all.



Have a great holiday week!

Weekend Wonderings v.11

1. I can’t decide if DST is the best thing in the world or the worst. That extra hour of sleep is great … but it’s all fun and games until Sunday evening when everyone is ready for bed an hour before real bedtime.
2. I am STILL not quite over this damn cold. This baby is going to be in the book of world records, ‘Longest amount of time someone snotted out their nose’.
3. It’s the first week of November and the leaves are just now starting to change or pop. Honestly, I really think they’ve just given up. It was 82* here today.
4. Honestly? I’d really just like to skip forward to Wednesday of this week, please. I’m not looking forward to dealing with the world of social media on Tuesday.
5. The kid’s Christmas lists? Are already started. As in – I am two seconds away from hitting the ‘one click purchase’ button on Amazon and getting the whole shebang DONE. But then Black Friday would be no fun for me. GAH.
6. One thing is for sure, I will NOT be visiting Toys R Us on BF. Nope.
7. I slept until 1130am on Sunday morning. Which was *really* 1230pm. It was glorious. Don’t hate.
8. The reason I got so much sleep is my MIL kept both of the boys overnight {God bless her}. Then, the Froggy left his Fisher Price seahorse there. Getting him to bed Sunday was sooooo much fun {read: not fun at all}.
9. I also saw Argo this weekend. It was pretty damn amazing. Loved it.
10. The amount of Halloween candy still in this house is going to be disastrous for my hips.



Everyone have a great Monday!