This is me. Tottums [Stephanie Totty]. Mom. Hey-you-with-the-fruit-snacks. All of the above. I am a BoyMom. I am a full-time working mom.

I blog, I document, I whine, I coffee. I am a female living in a house full of testosterone. I survive mostly, by venting here. Spoiler alert – I tend to tell it like it is. So if you cringe at the word ‘penis’ or shudder when an f-bomb is dropped … this might not be the blog for you. But if you like to read about what REAL parenting is like; I’m your lady.


This site started as a parenting blog in 2009 – a place for me to update family on my family. Since then it’s morphed into community of amazing readers, all who have been incredibly loyal and supportive over the past six years. Now that my boys are starting to grow out of that “cute baby” stage, I tend to write more about myself – as a parent, as a professional, as an individual.


Some posts you might enjoy:
*Here’s where I shed some light on the kind of marriage I have.
*I happen to love selfies. (as seen on Huffington Post Parents)
*I have a few issues with boys clothing.
*Even with the awful selection of clothes, being a boymom kind of rocks.
*Being a MOM though sometimes has it’s issues … especially if you post about them on the internet.



In the past three years, I have also took on a new career in digital and social media marketing for a software company in the Dallas metroplex. With this new adventure, comes new opportunities for travel – something that this former Airforce Brat has always relished. I write periodically about my travels with the hashtag #TottumsTravels – Looking for tips on how to pack for 23 hours worth of flights? How about info on traveling by yourself with a 6 year old? Headed to Singapore soon? I’m looking forward to even more travel-related content in the coming years.

Thanks for being here – you should stay a while. You might want to grab some coffee though.