BlogHer 14 — Are you going?

I get a lot of emails from readers who questions about attending blogging conferences. Should they go? Which one should they ‘do’ first? Is it worth it? How expensive are they? While everyone seems to have different concerns and questions, my answer is always the same: YES. Do it. Just go and learn, and enjoy yourself. YES.

I wrote a guest post over at In the Next 30 Days a while back about choosing and attending your first blogging conference — you can check it out here.

@katiecouric at #blogher12 lunch - AMAZING. Also? She has KILLER legs!

I’ve been to several different blogging conferences over the past three years, but my very first was BlogHer 12. It was the conference that inspired me to change my career (hell, START my career). I came home from New York invigorated and excited to making blogging and social media a real part of my life … and it happened.

At BlogHer 13 I saw old friends and made new ones. I showed up to the conference that year as not only a blogger, but someone who was working in the marketing and social media industry. It was even better than the first year.


And now it’s time for BlogHer 14 — which happens to be BlogHer’s tenth anniversary! The conference is heading back to San Jose, to where it all started, and we’re looking at a keynote lineup featuring Jenny Lawson (The Bloggess), Arianna Huffington, and Kerry Washington (squee!). If you’re in the market for your first blogging conference (or second, third, forth …), this is ‘the one’, folks.

I can’t stress enough that if you’re sitting at the edge of ‘maybe’ and can’t make up your mind about going to BlogHer, you should just go. Just go. Connect with your tribe, learn from those who have been doing it longer, enjoy a trip by yourself, plus — tweet to your heart’s content while sitting at a table and know that NO ONE will be judging you or thinking that you’re rude.

Because that shitz is pretty much the norm for the whole trip.

Conference passes for BlogHer 14 are 25% off right now with this link — this year’s attendance is capped, so make sure you grab one up quick!


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