Learning Jedi Engineering Skills with Play-Well!


If there are two things I have become immersed in since I became a “boymom” they’re Star Wars and LEGOs. That’s not to say that ONLY boymoms deal with those two obsessions, but they seem to be rampart in my house. The boys spend more time building racing speeders and rebel camps with LEGOs than they do anything else, and the amount of Star Wars-related LEGO sets, mini-figures, and books we have could fill a small museum. So, when the folks at Play-Well contacted me and said, “hey, would your kiddo have any interest in attending a “Jedi LEGO Engineering camp” this summer I nearly spit out my coffee because how freaking perfect is this?

My oldest kiddo (7, who we affectionately call ‘the Mouse’) has been bored to tears this summer hanging out at our local daycare with his younger brother. We’ve been sending him to day/week-long camps sporadically, but he was STOKED to find out that his “Jedi Camp” was coming up. He really enjoys building things, figuring out how things work, and really anything STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) related – and we’ve been encouraging these types of activities over the summer while he’s not in school.


His camp was a week long, Monday – Friday from 9am – noon, and he absolutely fell in love the first day there. In fact, when we picked him up, he was really upset the camp wasn’t all day long … the dude did not want to leave that room full of LEGOs. Every day, there were new building and engineering challenges. For example, the first day the camp was divided up into groups, and each group was assigned a different Star Wars-themed base (Death Star, Hoth, Tatooine, Endor, etc.) and asked to build it. As they built it, they were awarded special mini-figures for every 10 “special” blocks used. The “special” blocks were the engineering blocks – so the kids were forced into thinking about how (for example) to make their bases have moving parts in order to have mini-figures to play with and use in the bases. The Mouse came home excited that his group was awarded 3 mini-figures, thus, they used 30 engineering-type pieces in their set up.


All week long, they were building with LEGOs and having fun with Star Wars-themed tasks, but more importantly, they were using their brains and really challenged to think about how to engineer a specific project. I can not say enough how pleased we were with Play-Well and this camp that the Mouse attended! As we head back into the school year (next week!), I’m already looking into after school programs, birthday parties, and even drop-off activity centers as a way to keep him thinking and building.

Our family received a free week of summer camp from the awesome folks at Play-Well in return for this post. All opinions are my own … and are usually awesome.

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