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In March, I started working towards serval personal fitness goals. I started eating healthier – watching what, and how much I was eating. I started a workout regimen – committing to three trips to the gym a week (one of which had to be a gym class). I started trying be more active in general – taking the puppy on more walks, getting outside with the boys, taking the stairs at work. I started drinking at least 70 oz of water every day (which is way harder than it looks). The main goal was (is) to drop some weight, and be able to fit back into a lot of my clothes – but more importantly, to work on my overall health.

If you're looking for a great water bottle for the office or gym, I love this filtered water bottle from Brita - find them and their filters at Walmart.

If you’re looking for a great water bottle for the office or gym, I love this filtered water bottle from Brita – find them and their filters at Walmart (most stores will have them in the hardware section, but check housewares as well!) .

I’m now 10 weeks in to this transition, and while not everything I mentioned above is happening, a lot of it still is. As of week 10, I’m down 7.5 lbs. I’ve gone down at least one pant size. I feel better. I’m not taking the stairs at work, but I have (almost) consistently kept to my gym routine … even taking my gym gear on business trips with me and working out in the hotel when necessary. I’m keeping to my calorie count and healthy eating plan at least 5 days out of the week – packing my lunch for work, choosing healthier options at restaurants, eating ALL the carrot sticks.

As big of a cliché as it is to say, this really has been a lifestyle change. Some aspects of that change have been easy, some … not so much. If you had asked me a few months ago what my biggest obstacle was going to be I would have said, “hands down, getting my butt to the gym”.

But it really hasn’t. Please feel free to punch me in the face for saying this, but I’ve really enjoyed setting a workout routine, and working at making it better. Ten more minutes on the elliptical. Five more pounds on the weights. Twenty more reps a week. I get my butt in there, and I try to spend that 45 – 60 minutes every trip really making myself sweat. I’ve learned that I really like the weights class my gym offers. I’ve learned that I am in no way ready for a cycle class (me thinking I could keep up in a spin class was adorable. Truly.) I’m not as intimidated by all the “regulars” at the gym any more, because I’m starting to become one of those myself.

Super easy to use and to clean - and great tasting water no matter where you are.

Super easy to use and to clean – and great tasting water no matter where you are.

The point is I’m still a work in progress – and working at it is the point. I’m going to continue to work my ass off, to eat right, to drink my water, to do my pushups. I’ve hit my first goal, but I have several more in the works and while I’ve seen some success so far, I am in no way done.

This post is sponsored by Brita and their amazing water filters. On top of making just the filters, Brita also makes personal water bottles as well, which are perfect for the gym because they filter out all the icky stuff that the gym water fountains might or might not contain. I picked mine up at my local Walmart, along with their replacement filters (available in most stores in the hardware section however, I found mine in the house wares). If you choose to try a cycle class – do so at your own risk, but these awesome bottles are perfect for sitting right on a spin bike.

The spin class was brutal, y'all. BRUTAL.

The spin class was brutal, y’all. BRUTAL.

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