8 Easy Steps to the Consignment Process


The holidays are over and there’s the promise of spring in the Texas air (sorry, readers who aren’t in the south!) – this can only mean one thing: consignment season is drawing near!

It used to be that I would get really excited about the prospect of shopping and all the really good deals I would find on kids’ items, but now? Now I get equally excited about GETTING RID OF all those old kid items – by consigning them through Divine Consign, here in the DFW Metroplex.


If you’ve ever wanted to try consigning, but aren’t sure what the whole process is, or how much work it will take – you’re in luck! I’m over on the Divine Consign blog today, guest posting and laying out my eight steps to consigning my kids’ stuff. Check out the post for all the details, and if you’re here in the Metroplex, make sure you get yourself registered for their Grapevine or Plano sales this month!

Check out the post here!

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